Welcome To Linx Solutions

We are at the forefront of 21st century technology, providing our customers the competitive edge they need in today's tough business climate.

Linx Solutions since 2009 do that by improving the business processes, reducing costs, supplying professional expertise at critical junctures, for client's unique needs. We will continuously improve in providing defect-free work and services that meet customer requirements, and do it right the first time, on time, every time.

Our expertise and decade old experience is unmatched. We offer new cost cutting solutions in the dynamically shifting and competitive marketplace. Our solutions place the best qualified talents on the job, on time and on budget. We offer value- added solutions that match corporate goals and needs. We have the best of the domain talents across multiple industries. When partnered with us, you are with one of the best in the Staffing and solutions industry. Our long years of experience empower us to successfully and accurately pair our talent with our clients' needs. Our solutions are focused on high-end professionals and experts. Our chosen professionals efficiently handle and complete the entrusted tasks. The individuals that we place are proactive, organized and are experts in meeting the clients critical deadlines.

We obtain complete information on how a candidate works with a team. We interview each candidate on multiple levels to ascertain their technical skills and attitude. The ultimate objective is to provide our clients with high quality candidates with the highest level technical expertise for their critical and urgent needs.

A key factor in our success over the years has been employing outstanding people with the dedication, passion and expertise. We believe that our values and culture are exemplary. We enjoy our work. We take great pride in our success.